Events: 2021 World Cup Stage 1 Guatemala City

Wednesday, April 28, 2021
It’s great to be back! World cups are back!
Archers were highly motivated, the weather was great, qualifying scores were high! Even some records were broken. Impressive if we may say so.

The eliminating matches for compound archers were held on Wednesday, whilst on Thursday was reserved for the recurve archers. Some big names were eliminated in these matches and some new names arrived on the final stage!

We saw some wonderful and exciting final matches on Saturday & Sunday with a nice mixture of proven names and new talent as well! After 12 months of no competitions, the pressure went up on the final stage and we saw some rusty arrows. But all archers shook off that rust quickly and provided some high quality arrows.

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Some notable mentions:
  • Mike Schloesser is the first archer shooting a 360/360 hence his nickname Mister Perfect!
  • Paige Pearce shooting a 707/720 which means she broke the US National record!
  • Linda Ochoa-Anderson shooting for the first time in the US jersey.
  • India’s married couple Atanu Das & Deepika Kumari win both their gold individual medal, talking about a real power couple.
  • Savanah Vanderwier first time appearance converts itself in a Bronze medal (check down below if you want to see her bowsetup)
  • This victory in Guatemala has qualified Braden for his ninth-career Hyundai Archery World Cup Final.
  • Nora Valdez won her first world cup with an impressive X in the shoot off against Tanja Gellenthien.

Let’s take a closer look at the gear of the bronze medal compound woman, Savannah Vanderwier!
Shoot like the pro, meet Savanah’s bow set-up: