SSA news: Staff tour of the new building

Tuesday, February 16, 2021
Saturday morning we showed our wonderful team around the new (still-under-construction) building in Ostend.
Unfortunately, we were restricted because of the COVID19- safety guidelines, as you cannot have a gathering outside with food & drinks. We made sure all the safety helmets were sanitized and that everybody wore a face mask. Rubber boots were also a must that day as the grounds surrounding the work site were quite muddy.
Everyone was split up into small groups and were taken on separate ‘guide tours’.
The first tour was in the warehouse itself. Our warehouse manager explained the whos, whats and wheres.
The second tour was that of the offices, showroom, shooting range, conference rooms, lunch room, coffee & tea station, showers, …
It was a chance for everyone to ask questions and to have an idea of what their future work place will look like.
We are not there yet, but moving day is getting closer and closer!
We hope you are as excited and impatient as we are!