Events: 2021 Indoor World Series Teams Finals

Wednesday, March 3, 2021
Last weekend it was finally time for the team finals of the Indoor World Series and they did not disappoint!
With the addition of the 12 spot in the 7 & 8 ring, matches were repeatedly interesting due to strategy and risk. Some teams kept it safe and ignored the 12 spot in the first ends, only to be forced by their competitors to shoot the 12 spot just to tie the match in the final end.

Compounds shot their finals on Saturday. We were treated to one of the most exciting final match ever recorded! A lot of strategical games were played in the final match. Team Easton kept shooting the traditional way by going for the ten. Arc Système went in the offensive with Nicolas Girard who kept going for the 12 spot. In the final end, Reo Wilde from Team Easton was forced to shoot the 12 spot too, because we all knew that Girard would aim again at the 12 spot! Both archers were successful and this meant a shoot off. Kris Schaff, Team Easton’s captain, opened and shot a 10, edged left and nestled into the line of the ring. Nicolas Girard, the undeniable hero of the Arc Système squad, hit a 10 right, but creasing the X in the center of the target and, after adjudication from the remote competition control, rightly declared the winner.

On Sunday the finals of the Recurve teams took place. The 12 spot was again in play and matches were not shot in sets but also in cumulative scoring. Meaning every arrow counted that much more. Teams took a more safer approach not going every end for the 12 spot. The dot, measuring just 15 millimeters in diameter, is a far harder task without a magnified sight and a release aid. Yet, still strategy was in play! Some teams gambled and took the risk in the first ends to build up a lead. Some teams waited too long and were at risk too for not trying it earlier in the match! The format was changed, but the winners were the same as last year with Lancaster Archery Supply. They shot their final match against the Golden Arrow. Lancaster Archery Supply making the difference already in the individual matches, meant they could cruise easily to victory in the team match.

With these strange times passing by, it was the perfect moment to try out new ways and formats of competition. We think World Archery found a new and exciting format that can provide even more exciting matches.
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