Events: Indoor World Series Online Stage 2

Wednesday, December 23, 2020
World Archery - World series online remote competition stage 2

It's starting to look like these online events are the real deal for competing against other archers around the world from your own home or club.

Some notable mentions:
  • Dave Cousins got a perfect 600/600.
  • Brady Ellison almost tied his own world record with 598/600.
  • Reigning Indoor Archery World Series Champion Wi Nayeon shot an impressive 596/600 – One point more than the world record! – Unfortunately it will not be ratified as a record because the result was not recorded at an official venue.
  • Bayley Sargeant came out strong with a score of 595/600.
  • Sweden was well represented in the Barebow Categories, topping out both Men & Women rankings. Erik Jonsson with 577/600 and Lina Bjorklund with 554/600.

But most importantly, over 5000 archers out of more than 80 countries competed and had a lot of fun in the progress! This is showing that our archery community worldwide is very active, even during these strange times!

All results can be found here =>

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